Memoirs of a Geisha



The book was interesting, though not in the usual way. It’s wasn’t a novel packed full of battles and problems. Most of Sayuri’s conflict was more on a domestic scale than anything else; her story more resembled a housewife’s trouble than an epic tale. That is not to say that the story was not striking, because by no means was it not.

The innocent nature of young chiyo’s thoughts were bold and remarkable. Her way of thinking was so naïve that at more that a few key points I was in fits of humor because of the sheer ludicrously of their temperament. She was amusing, and that help add a lighter note to this otherwise burdened story.

When all things are considered, I would deem this book quite readable with its offbeat humor and subtle life lessens. However, its lessons might be lost to someone of a younger age; some of the novels more adult scenes, intended to be intense and frightening, might be cause for humor among anyone younger than us. Otherwise, its worth the time, effort, and thought it requires to read it.