Memoirs of a Geisha



"A novel that is full of cliffhangers great and small, a novel that refuses to stay shut."
                                                                  Jeff Giles, Newsweek                                      

"Cause for celebration..Rarley has a world so closed and foreign have been evoked with such natural assurance...In the unforgettable Sayuro, Golden has found the heart and matter of a truth that lies beyond detail."
                                                                  John Burnham Schwartz, The New Yorker

"Astonishing...a breath taking performance...By the time you realize the extent of [the geisha's] professional skill, you are seduced as compeltley as any of her clients, hungry for her story."
                                                                  Janice Nimura, Washington Post

"Enthralling...draws the reader in from the very first page."
                                                                  USA Today

"Memoirs of a Geisha evokes all the delicate stell of Kyoto's geisha culture with such uncanny fidelity that, after you've finished, you fell as if you've entered not just another world, but an extaodinary and foreign heart.                                                         Pico Ayer

"Part historicle novel, part fairy tale...Memoirs of a Geisha immerses the reader in an exotic world.  An impressive and unusual debut."                                         The New York Times

"Captivating...exquisitely crafted,...A page-turner with powerful resonance for any time or culture."                                                     David Wiegand, San Francisco Chronicle


Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden

By: Brianna Stephan, Olivia Pasciolla, and Taylor McCarthy
Mrs. Feld/Don  ILC Hour 2